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Welcome to Liquify

Welcome to Liquify. We're delighted that you've made it here. In the following sections, we'd like to explain what Liquify is, how it works, how it will advance your business, and why we, as an e-commerce agency, are absolutely excited about it.

We firmly believe that visual programming is the future of frontend development, and Webflow is a perfect fit for this purpose. Additionally, we're thrilled with the extent and functionality of the e-commerce CMS Shopify. Liquify brings together the best of both worlds. You can develop your online shops directly in Webflow and equip them with the necessary variables through Liquify. We'll take care of the rest. Once connected with Liquify, we convert the project into a Shopify theme and keep everything up to date as soon as you publish in Webflow.

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Start with Webflow Template

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Getting started

Start here. Learn more about the core principals of liquify.

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Liquid Cheatsheet

Checkout the Shopify Cheat sheet.

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What is Liquify?

Liquify is a converter that connects your Webflow project to Shopify, generating fully-featured e-commerce themes. With the assistance of custom attributes in Webflow, you can design your shop to your liking, and Liquify takes care of the rest. We equip your project with complete Liquid code and ensure that you don't lose the advantages of both Webflow and Shopify.

Who is Halbstark?

Halbstark is a Webflow/Shopify agency from Germany. We specialize in the development of future-proof e-commerce and website solutions. We are passionate about beautiful web design, especially when our UX decisions lead to paying customers. With 6 years of Webflow experience and numerous online shop launches, we are excited to finally introduce you to Liquify. We are convinced that Liquify will bring significant added value to you and your business.

Throughout the development, we have always ensured that Liquify is compatible with the industry standards of Webflow.


Getting started

Let's get to the next Chapter. Here you will learn the core principals.